New to Canada? There are lots of winter activities on PEI that make winter fun for the whole family.

Don’t stay in during the winter, get out and get active!
There are activities like skating, sledding , hockey, skiing, building snow forts, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and more. Check out the Winter Active page for more details on where you can participate in these activities!

Kids growing up in Canada typically learn to skate and many learn to play hockey – but when it comes to kids, all it takes is some snow to create a perfect playground. Children can play in the snow and make snow angels, build snowmen, roll snowballs, build snow forts, and more. Active play of this nature is a super way for kids to get the hour or more of physical activity they need every day. (Source:

Tip: Make sure children and babies are dressed warmly enough. Pay attention to fingers, ears, cheeks, and toes. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets damp or wet. Children are small so can lose their body heat more quickly and can get frostbite faster. Children can play outside safely for about 30 minutes at a time, depending on their clothing and the weather. Layers are better than not enough clothes, as you can always shed a layer if you get too warm!

Outdoor Wear:
   -  Thick coat that goes down to backs of the legs, and that can close at the neck and has a hood
   -  Waterproof gloves with lining, or mitts that are woollen and thick
   -  Hat that covers ears
   -  Snow pants, or if a warmer day, lighter “waterproof wind pants”
   -  Boots that are winter rated, lined, and dry – with good treads on the bottom so you do not slip
   -  Scarf - and for kids a good turtleneck and a “tube” scarf, no long scarfs that can get caught during play and pose a strangulation danger.
   -  Sunscreen is a good protection for skin in winter as well as summer
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Winter Activities & Suggested Equipment:
   -  Sledding: Warm outerwear, sled or toboggan, big hill, helmets for children and youth
   -  Skating: Skates, helmet, ice rink (free family skates happen at most rinks)
   -  Skiing (Cross Country or Downhill) and Snowboarding: Skis, ski boots, ski poles, or snowboard, hill or cross country trail, helmet, goggles, warm outerwear, water bottle
   -  Snowshoeing: Snowshoes (rentals available) warm outerwear!
   -  Winter Hiking: Warm outerwear, cell phone if you are going to a park or hiking trail, water bottle
   -  Sleigh Rides: Warm clothing; book the rides ahead with the company who organizes them

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