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Top 10 Make-Out Zones In and Around Charlottetown

IT'S NOT SURPRISING that with all the oysters, sunsets and good vibes going down in Prince Edward Island, things tend to get a bit heated in the romance department. But what happens when you're out and about, and that hotel room is just too far away? You need a semi-private "MO-Zone" in a pinch-preferably with an outstanding view in a beautiful setting.

Too much to ask? Not in PEI.

With miles and miles of stunning coastline, countless hiking trails, secluded beaches, and various nooks and crannies in between, this magical island is lovers' paradise. Even in the heart of downtown Charlottetown during the peak summer season, there are plenty of MO-Zones to sneak off to when the mood strikes.

To really dig into the topic, we asked our PEI locals (err, experts?) to share their top-secret hideaway so your next spontaneous act can be even more satisfying.

1. Gulf Shore Parkway (25 minute drive time)

Just about anywhere along this stretch of the north shore coastline (especially at dusk) is a great place to settle in. It's about as PEI as it gets.

Photo Credit: Al Douglas

2. Brighton Beach Lighthouse (walking/biking distance)

 Extend your post-dinner walk along the Victoria Park boardwalk, capping it off at the Brighton Beach Lighthouse. For extra privacy, climb around to the backside of the lighthouse for one of the best seats in the house to watch the sunset.

Photo Credit: Ellen Egan

3. Mooney's Pond (35 minute drive time)

Secluded, scenic, sexy. Pack a lunch and spend the day suckin' face.

Photo Credit: Al Douglas

4. Greenwich Trails Lookout (51 minute drive time)

 Nothing sets the scene for romance like a short hike through the woods. Stroll over a water-covered boardwalk and end up at a perch atop one of PEI's iconic sand dunes.

Photo Credit: Mikey Wasnidge

5. Charlottetown Waterfront (walking/biking distance)

Spanning the southeastern perimeter of Charlottetown, there are countless regions to hide away along Charlottetown's water-front. For risk-takers, the platforms behind the 2018 sign (at the bottom of Queen Street) offer ample privacy to watch the boats go by. It's a bit of a tricky climb down and, once perched, space is limited, so keep the MO'ing chill and let the anticipation grow until your next destination.

Photo Credit: Ellen Egan

6. Harvey Moore Wildlife Sanctuary (44 minute drive time)

One of PEI's best -kept secrets, this wildlife sanctuary is a quiet place to escape. Bring a picnic, cuddle up close, and spend the afternoon in their gazebo. Just make sure to come up for air once in awhile to appreciate the wildlife that call this place home.

Photo Credit: Mikey Wasnidge

7. Brackley Beach (25 minute drive time)

Set up shop under the stairs (and the stars) at Brackley Beach. Pretend you're still in junior high and hide away for the night.

Photo Credit: Al Douglas

8. Queen Elizabeth Park (walking/biking distance)

Visited mostly for its basketball court and ball diamonds, Queen Elizabeth Park also features a tree-covered lookout point. Just a short bike ride through Brighton in Charlottetown's west end, and you'll arrive at the perfect place to watch the sun go down and get to know that someone special.

Photo Credit: Mikey Wasnidge

9. MacPhail Woods (30 minute drive time)

The footbridges of MacPhail Woods may not be the most private places to learn French, but the stunning tree lines and flowing streams are sure to leave an impression on any potential new make-out friend.

Photo Credit: Mikey Wasnidge

10. On a Sailboat  

Although not technically a "zone" as such, there's nothing more romantic than cozying up with your favourite crew member as the sun sets for the day. Chances are the boat won't be the only thing rocking that night.

Photo Credit: Ellen Egan


By Ellen Egan, Mikey Wasnidge and Al Douglas