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Chinese Junk Tour

1 Great George Street
Charlottetown PEI


Hai Long is a true Hong Kong-built, teakwood junk ship.  She is authentic in every regard and in remarkable condition, a pure testament to her timeless design and love of her previous owner who purchased her new in 1968. Her sails in full bloom, she becomes the subject of discussion amongst all in view.  Sadly, most Asians who visit Charlottetown every summer have probably never seen an authentic junk in their lives, little alone enjoyed the experience. Charlottetown uniquely offers the chance to relive the excitement that at one time only the Emperor’s Treasure Ship sailors could experience!
Close your eyes and imagine receiving the proclamation from the Ming Emperor that the fleet is to set sail immediately, to cast lines and to explore distant lands, then open your eyes and see yourself on an authentic Chinese junk boat with the sails being hoisted… ” 
We offer an exciting and culturally-different activity for visitors to Charlottetown… 1,800 years in the making!