Jacqueline Denise

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


My name is Jacqueline Denise, and I’m a loving, outgoing, freelance makeup artist with a strong passion for natural beauty, our health, well-being, and our environment. I am the first and only Organic Makeup Artist in Prince Edward Island, and I offer mobile makeup services across the province.

As your makeup artist, my job is to enhance your natural beauty by using luxurious, organic makeup products. The importance of our beauty routine being Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Cruelty Free is crucial for our everyday health and overall well-being. I am so proud to provide all of my clients with access to high-quality, organic makeup and skincare products.

Working with a professional makeup artist shouldn’t have to mean using all kinds of harmful toxins. Your face is my canvas that is luxuriously treated to top-quality natural makeup products to ensure that your skin is radiant and healthy at the same time as embracing a conscious and mindful approach to beauty. The skincare and cosmetic products that I use provides you with a makeup application that is toxin-free and beautiful without the impact of harming your skin or our environment.